Five Reasons That Area Rugs Are Great To Use With Hardwood Floors

benefits of area rugsAlmost everyone loves hardwood flooring. These are very popular these days, and can increase the value of your house. However, after the hardwood flooring has been installed, there are a number of reasons why you might want to add area rugs as an accent.

First of all, area rugs can help to break the space. It can look pretty uninteresting to have a big expanse of wood with nothing on it, so a nice rug can actually help to make the room look a little more fascinating, as well as to divide it into different areas.

A large area rug under a conversational grouping of furniture can help to set this up as a different area of the room.

Area rugs can also help to protect your hardwood flooring from dirt and furniture. You don’t want your costly floor to get scratched, so putting down rugs under furniture and in the key traffic areas can help to forestall this.

The rugs will be ready to trap the dirt, and keep the legs of the furniture from damaging the floor as well .

Area rugs or a small piece of carpet can also add some warmth to the room, both thru adding a touch of color and also literally. They’ll be a warmer spot on the floor under your feet. A hardwood floor in a bedroom could employ a rug close to the bed so you do not want to step on a cold floor with your bare feet in the morning.

Area rugs also can add style and color to your room. They serve as accents. Consider adding rugs with patterns if everything in the room is a solid color, or solid rugs if there are plenty of patterns in a room.

This may help to tie together the decor of the room while adding a little touch of style and interest to the floor.

Another reason to use these area rugs is to cover up stains. If you chance to have a stain or two on your floor and don’t have the wherewithal or money to have the floor redone to get shot of it, you can put down a rug there to cover it up so you are the just one who knows it is there.

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